Gauthier Fabri was born in Brussels in 1967. He lives and works in Ottignies, Belgium.

White nights in the dark room

When Gauthier Fabri received his first camera at the age of six, it was love at first sight and the photography virus never left him. As a teenager he imagined becoming a nuclear physicist, in order to understand the universe down to the infinitely small.

After humanities in Latin and mathematics, he began studying civil engineering, which he interrupted at the end of his second year to enter the IHECS (advertising/marketing) where he could finally express his creativity and freely devote himself to photography. The countless sleepless nights he spent in the school's photo lab earned him the nickname "The Owl". He graduated with a “Grande distinction” by presenting a graduation work entitled "Sex, Death and Devil in advertising: taboos that sell " in which he analyzed advertising communication and demonstrated, with supporting examples, that it uses subliminal images.

Professional photography

After his studies, Gauthier Fabri worked for four years as a technical sales representative in a professional photo laboratory and then nine years at Kodak Professional where he saw the transition from film to digital from the inside. More out of curiosity (to evaluate his knowledge) than out of necessity (access to the profession having been abolished), he passed the Central Jury exams in 2006 and obtained the professional photographer diploma, just before Kodak closed its offices.

Having become independent, Gauthier Fabri created the company Nuptial Pictures in 2007, specializing in artistic and creative photography (albums, art print, retouching and personalized mosaics). Working for a clientele that appreciates discretion, his photos circulate little on social networks. Two notable exceptions: the photo of Sister Emmanuelle on Wikipedia and the portrait of King Philippe for the cover of the book "Philippe de Belgique".

Artistic turning point

With his head full of ideas and projects, Gauthier Fabri is increasingly questioning the meaning of his profession. In 2015, he was coached and became aware of the urgency of putting his perfectionism and creativity to work for a more personal art.

He created his first works in 2016 and exhibited a series of Metamorphoses (an allusion to his own transformation as an artist, embodied by his Mystic Owl) in a solo show at the Luxembourg Art Fair at the end of 2017, followed in 2018 by Lille Art Up and Paris Fotofever where he unveiled his first Flower Mosaics based on photos taken in Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny.

Now focusing exclusively on his artistic career, Gauthier Fabri continues to work on his Metamorphoses and his Flower Mosaics, which are evolving projects that are for him an extraordinary source of inspiration.